Sunday, February 6, 2011

So...I guess I kinda SUCK....

February 6th.

So I guess I kinda suck at keeping up with this blog thing. I think I can attribute part of it to the fact that since my semester started on January 3rd, I still haven't been able to settle into my schedule; I started a new job the following week, basically, and I still don't have a set schedule. So I think that makes it harder for me to decide when I should be doing stuff for school, and when I actually have "free" time. And I think I can attribute the rest of it to the fact that I pretty much just...kinda...SUCK. haha.

Ummm, so since the consideration of "morning pages" and just the idea of free writing in general, I've come up with several personal thoughts that I'd rather hold closer to myself than share with the world(or what little portion of the world may actually read this, haha)! It's been kinda good, I guess. Some stuff I've been able to just reveal to myself, pen to paper, the good old fashioned way!!! :-)

I actually have plenty to blog about, because I've done PLENTY of shopping, in the mall, and online....tsk tsk tsk....
but I'm feeling kinda lazyyyyy......

I guess I'll blog another day....haha

Stay WARM!

It's freezing out here, and there's ice on the floor! DANGEROUS!!!