Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Beauty Bow's Coach Giveaway!

So I should totally have been sleeping like 4-5 hours ago....but instead I'm reading all my blogs & I came across Beauty Bow's Coach giveaway! I feel like such a bum for happening to pop up when she's giving something away, but I guess my timing was just right; I LOVE Coach! She's also giving away a couple of pieces of jewelry that she made herself, and I think they are SOOO CUTE! So I want a chance to win, even though I like never randomly win ANYTHING. =] hahaha you can go decrease my odds even more & enter too:

Monday, September 19, 2011

Soothing moments...

    Nothing relaxes me quite like a warm, late-night shower. Tonight, I    decided to use this scrub from St. Ives that I bought a long time ago,    but only used once or twice, called "Smoothing In-shower exfoliating    body polish, mineral therapy." I'm not sure how popular it is or if its     still out there, but it provided just that, THERAPY. The aroma was     just so soft and soothing...it was delightful. While in the shower, I    also took the time to comb out my thick curls with the plain and    simple, yet pleasantly fragrant suave naturals "fresh mountain    strawberry" conditioner. It's not the fanciest    stuff I have, but    all the pretty smells made for    some good "me-time." Sometimes it's the    SIMPLE pleasures in life that really make a    difference, ya know? The     days can get a little    bit crazy, and I tend to spend so much time thinking about what I have to do, or what I haven't done! it felt nice to let it all go away for a while, and to take the extra time to just focus on me, the warmth, and coming clean! I used to be a really big worrier, always worrying about all types of things I couldn't control on my own. Although I've calmed down a lot, sometimes I still have my moments. I told a friend having a rough day earlier that I am sure God will work everything out in its own time. I think I need to listen to where that part of my voice is coming from and not let myself get so tense about certain situations in my life. So more about one of my favorite topics: HAIR!! =] I recently got a trim/cut....I'm calling it that because apparently my split ends were so bad that the scissor-happy hairdresser "trimmed" away a lot more than I would have wanted to part with. BUT, it was best for my hair health, so I just had to stop pouting about it. Now, I'm trying to be EXTRA good to my hair. I think I got a little lazy with my wash-and-gos, especially in the summertime when I was busy with schoolwork and clinical, which is SUPER bad, since I colored it sometime in June, I think? I don't even remember (what does THAT tell you?)! My natural hair seems to handle color much better than my hair did when it was relaxed, but I need to be careful to keep it well-moisturized. One thing my hair has been LOVING lately is the "One 'n Only" Argan Oil Curl Cream. I was SOOO confused recently when I went into a Sally's Beauty Supply store to pick it up, and right next to it was a bottle that looked almost exactly the same, except it was called One 'n Only Argan Oil "styling cream." I already loved the curl cream so much that I was curious, yet torn, all in the same moment, trying to figure out what the heck was the difference, and which one I should pick up, and whether or not I should go ahead and get both??? I looked at the ingredients...and it looks like one of the differences is that the "styling cream" did not contain mineral oil, where as the "curl cream" does...? I have heard some negative things about mineral oil in products...but my trial with the curl cream so far has been great, so I didn't care! I decided to pick up another bottle of the One 'n Only Argan oil curl cream, and I still love it so far. I used it today in combination with the Carol's daughter "Hair Milk" that I wasn't too thrilled about when I first purchased, but it (the hair milk) seems to have plenty of ingredients in it that are good for my hair, and it also seems to keep my curls happy enough thus far when used with the argan oil curl cream, so I'll give it a chance for now. Besides, I already spent my money on it. So WHAT, my hair will smell like an herbal tea for a while... Well, have a lovely week!