Monday, October 3, 2011

Thirsty skin?

It seems like the cold weather is coming in full force now... and with every cool wind that blows, I think of the horrible last winter I went through! (It snowed forever, and ever, and ever....) My skin tends to take a beating in the winter time...which is why I'm very happy that I have my Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Intense Lipid Body Cream! One of my recent favorites =] I received it in a free gift with a purchase from Lancome last Fall, I believe, and it was AWESOME because they gave it to me in this little tube that I just threw in my purse and carried with me EVERYWHERE, and it restored life to my hands when the hard Syracuse winter threatened to drain it all out. When I actually returned to Macy's to BUY the cream, however, I learned that they only had it in a jar.... hmph. But I love it anyway!!! I love to use it after the shower.. It's really got a great emolliating effect, and it smells nice too! it makes my skin happy =]

*cheeeese* (I need to clean my usual...haha)