Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New ENERGY!

New Year's Eve. A whole new year is less than 5 hours away. It's a time to reflect. It's a time to set new goals, hoping that in the next few months, you'll get close to acheiving new heights!!! Ennhhhh or something like that, RIGHT? Heheh.

Well, what can be said of 2010? I am just extremely grateful for all of the things that God has allowed me to experience in this past year. I believe that it's important to count all of your blessings, and even if you don't think it was a good year, you can look back at what role you may have played in how it can see how to make things better the next time. Certain times you may find that some situations were just...BAD. And that no matter what, there was no way you could have changed it, no way you could have made it better. Even in these situations, look back and be happy that you're moving forward! Certain situations are given to us to make us stronger! Be thankful that you're still alive, that whatever it was, it didn't kill you! Thank God! Don't base your happiness on situations in life...the life in this world is always changing, and yet God and His love remain constant! Cover yourself in it, share it with the world, and SHINE in 2011! <3

Saturday, December 25, 2010



I went to midnite mass and I came home so full of excitement that it's nearly 5 am and I still haven't gone to bed yet. And I thought I was TIRED when I was in church! HA! It was a great celebration. I hope that God will work through me so that I may be a channel of His peace, and that I may bring the Peace of Christ into the lives of those around me!

Forget about the material things,  the MOST IMPORTANT thing we need is LOVE!!! :-) <3

So I tried something different for the first time...I dunno how noticeable it umm yea, I wore a HALF WIG!!! I ordered these 2 half wigs online randomly a few weeks ago. I dunno, I think my credit card was itching or something. I just thought that I might wanna try it....they were both under 20 bucks each....but it's just so weird cuz I have never EVER worn a wig in public, EVERRR. I've never even worn a weave. I guess the closest i ever came to that was a long ponytail (or phonytail! haha) that I wore for my high school prom. Other than that, I've only played around and tried on my mom's wigs in the house, since she used to wear them every now and then. It was just kinda strange looking at myself in a wig...but um, still, kinda fun too! this was my look for Christmas eve:

YES, that certainly IS me in a half wig. heheh.....I'm wearing one called "instant weave" and the number is WSHZ7009 in the color F1B/30. 

I guess it was a nice little change. I also ordered the other one that DPrincess28 had mentioned in a blog....I think it was called "Marion Girl?" But I'm not brave enough to wear that in public yet.'s SUPER LONG!!!! Here's a sneak peek:
What do you think???? hahaha I'm just having fun! :-P

Well anyway, have a very blessed Christmas!!! Much love to allllll!!!! <3TheMzDiimples

Friday, December 17, 2010

A little outing....

So when I woke up this morning, I was gonna go to the doctor to complain about how my bladder is ruining my life. Ever see those over-active bladder commercials? You know, the one with the little jingle, "gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now!" ? yeah...THAT'S pretty much my LIFE. So I've decided (with some help, i.e. the boyfriend yelling at me about how I should take my issues more seriously) that I really need to do something about it soon. BUT, I called the doctor's office this morning, and he wasn't in... SOoOo....I decided to meet up with my best friend for happy hour & go shopping INSTEAD! :-) hahaha....

We went to this place called 1849 down on Bleecker street in Manhattan, where they serve 20 cent wings and $3.50 drinks.  It's apparently a pretty hot spot for my friend & her NYU buddies...she had taken me there once before during the summer, & this time, my brother Karlex came along with his girlfriend. Afterwards, Ashley, who's my best friend from junior high school, decided to continue happy hour & go meet some of her high school buddies.  I departed from her & took the opportunity to go do a little shopping (with the money I don't have)!

I thought I'd pick up a little something for Ashley at Ricky's in Union Square, since they have all those natural hair products, and Ashley, like me, recently chopped off most of her hair in the quest to go "au naturel."  Ohhhh my goodness, I had the worst time trying to pick something out!!! I'm soooooo indecisive!!! I wanted to get her something that would be good for her natural hair, and at first I thought they'd have some type of special hair gift basket or SOMETHING to make my life a LITTLE bit easier, but they DIDN'T. So I was just standing in the aisle staring at some of the natural hair products, which OF COURSE included the VERY PRICEY Miss JESSIE'S, which just HAPPENED to be having a buy one get one free sale for ALL of December.  I still had a lot of trouble though, because I remember Ashley was one of the people who told me she preferred the Kinky Curly Curling Custard over Miss Jessie's Curly Pudding, and that either way, her hair didn't really CURL so much as it "POUFFED"? So yea..I dunno. I set out looking for some good haircare stuff. I remembered this one conversation I had with the cleaning lady at my school, and she said that miss jessie's buttercreme made her daughter's hair soooo soft! and I was looking at the curly buttercreme, and the baby buttercreme, and they each said SLIGHTLY different things about "dry curls" and/or "growing curls" and I dunno if there really was any difference in the products or if there were just slight differences in the marketing??? I dunno. So yea, you can probably get an idea right now of just how long I was standing in that aisle debating with myself.

It came down to this: 
I really wanted to put together a little gift set of good hair stuff for my friend. While I was standing in the aisle staring at stuff, I saw the "Carol's daughter" products, which I had heard NOTHING but good things I bought a nice shampoo & conditioner from there, and then I also picked up some type of moisturizer balm from them as well, annnnnnd, because I had heard the good things about the buttercreme from miss jessie's, and I wasn't sure if Ashley had already tried that one, I also picked that up. And then the man in the aisle started raving to me about Moroccan oil, and how great it was, and how I should try it and how I would LOVE it....and although I shouldn't have been shopping for myself, I picked it up. and alllsooooo....I REALLY couldn't decide which Miss Jessie's product would be the second one that I would want to gift as part of the "buy one get one free" deal...sooooo.....I picked up a jar of Miss Jessie's curly pudding for myself, despite the fact that I had only heard 2 of my friends say they like the kinky curly better than miss jessies!! eeekkk....I've been a bad girl. I could hardly help myself. hahahaha....especially since I was very curious to try the product when I saw the e-mail from about the "Buy one get one free" sale! But I just couldn't bring myself to order it online...then when I was in the was my FACE! Ohhh, somewhere in between my getting the e-mail, and ending up in the store, I had read this Dec 14th blogpost from DPrincess28 letting us all know how fabulous she felt it to be!!! & I have looked to her videos and post for hair advice for the past year. =] You can go read it at her blog:

Here is a pic of the total damage I did:
oHhh...and if anyone has heard anything about this Moroccan oil, I'd like to know. I'll probably do some research later....I thought about getting the travel size for ashley...but I dunno...I ended up getting the hair balm from carol's daughter instead....which is supposed to act to condition & shine the hair. 
So that's my story. I hope that nobody else was as naughty as I was! heheheheh...
have a NICE week before Christmas! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

So I've been lounging around today doing a whole lot of nothing!! It's my 3rd full day at home from break, and I've been soaking it in! haha....I decided to do a bit of pampering with Lush's "mask of magnaminty" because I was looking at my face when I got out of the shower, and it needed a pick-me-up (darn lack of sleep)!

It was really funny walking around the house since my dad & brother were around, and they thought I looked scary, and...I did. heheh. You can see that my brother even decided to join me and my scary face in one of the photos below:
Yuup. Funny stuff. 

Then, After I rinsed, My face felt so fresh and so clean, clean!!! =]  heheheh

 And this is me trying to look glamorous in a T-shirt that I sleep in:
Hahaha. My lips look SUPER pink!! I'm wearing this lipstick that I got as a free sample from Lancome when I went to go buy my Magnifique (I LOOOVE THAT FRAGRANCE!) at Macy's. I think the flash from the camera makes the pink of this lipstick look even more harsh than it already is....if pink can be harsh? haha But anyway, it's Color Design, "Love it! Cream" or something like that. 
 So yea, I had fun pampering myself a bit since I was home just being a bum.  I just finished a session of Super Mario Bros 3, upstairs in my brother's room. It was soooo fun! I haven't played video games in foreverrrr! So yeah....I was a little rusty to start out with. But then, the game kept starting over and didn't save at all! After I got to World 3, TWICE!! It's cuz my brother just got this special download of the game for Wii and then he couldn't figure out how to save it properly---until it was TOO late! So I decided I had enough Super Mario Bros for tonight. It was nice to go back to the classics though :-)

So yesterday (or THIS MORNING, I guess, since I was up realllly late), I ordered a few books on Amazon, and I finally ordered "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" after hearing good things about it from a few good sources ;-) heheh...I've really been wanting to get back into some leisurely reading, since school runs my life, and if I'm not reading about respiratory diseases, I'm hardly reading at all!!!! My books won't get here until right before Christmas though :-( I mean I guess it's a good self-gift, but I was looking forward to reading sooner than that! It's back to class for me starting January 3rd!!! eek!

Well, I hope everyone has a restful break for the upcoming holidays....
<3 TheMzDiimples 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Wow, I haven't really blogged on anything in FOREVERRR. I used to write on Xanga when I was in high school, where I had a number of creative ways to express myself. I was really into re-creating the English language, much like the tweens of today, if you know what I mean. can even take a look for yourself; it's still there!!---> 
yup. Go & be entertained.
I started  my YouTube Channel about a year ago kinda so that I could "VLOG", figuring that a video was a more complete picture than a bunch of words, which could be interpreted in any which way the reader wished to interpret them. Now, over a year later, I find that nothing truly compares to the feeling of writing, where I can ramble, and get out my thoughts, then simply press *backspace* or hit the back arrow and delete and/or fill in whatever came out of my brain that my fingers may have missed.  I find that in making my videos, I still ramble, and there's a lot that I DON'T really get out, and there is still room for whatever... and of course even when I'm writing, and I can press *delete* or *backspace* or whatever, there are plenty of occasions where I will still lack coherence. Dah well.
Organization was never truly one of my strongpoints.