Wednesday, July 20, 2011

5 months later....

Hey yall! haha... So yea, I completely abandoned my blog!! Shame on me. But school's FINALLY out for the summer, for a grand total of...*drumroll please*........FIVE WEEKS! Ahhh, amazingness. So I'm still in Syracuse working, and trying to get my work-out on in the mean time...and next week at this time, I plan to be enjoying the Florida SUNSHINE with my parents!!! yayyy!!! Well, maybe not EXACTLY at THIS time, because's 12:41 in the morning and there PROBABLY won't be any sun shining at this time...and since I'll be on vacation with my PARENTS, we'll most likely actually be SLEEPING at this time. hahaha.

Well it's been a CRAZZZYYY summer & I spent it running all over the place for clinical, and we were in and out of the classroom. I was SOOOO sick of school towards the end of it all,mostly because I was EXHAUSTED, (It was like spring semester NEVER ended!) but I had some really good clinical experiences, so it's all good.

So ummm.... I've been a bad girl and I've been doing lots of online shopping...and I think I'm becoming notorious downstairs in the mailroom for the ridiculous amount of packages I've been receiving lately. I am gonna STOP soon, I PROMISE!! ughhh if I never shopped like this, I'd probably be able to buy a car already by now, which I feel a growing need for while I'm up here.

But anyway, I guess I have to realize that I'm getting OLD and I need to be more financially RESPONSIBLE or something like that. I was thinking that in the past few months, but it doesn't seem to have translated to an impedance in my spending habits. I was actually never this bad...but I think the problem is that I was out of school for a year, and became a real 40-hour a week "working woman" for a while...and now that I'm back in school and FAR from that, I've just never stopped spending like it. And I really should STOP, and I WILL!!! eventually. ;-)

Last week, when I was really busy writing my case studies that I should have written a LONG time before last week...I spent a lot of time NOT writing and I did my hair instead. =] I've been meaning to stop being lazy and actually twist it again!! I put in these little twists and put it in an up-do. I really liked it:

I might try this again sometime soon if I get around to it. But of course when I have school work due, I tend to get around to EVERYTHING else a whole lot more quickly. ;-)

well, we'll see how long it takes me to update this blog again!

Until then!

<3 Much love