Sunday, January 19, 2014

*His actions were deafeningly loud. They were certainly much louder than all of the sweet whispers of a future he'd been promising almost unceasingly for the last three years.  The sweet whispers of a future together that seemed to be slipping farther and farther away into some distant dream/fantasy world.  In her mind, in the quiet moments that offered sound solitude, she already knew that this future was far beyond her grasp, but as she sat there, Emeline could not convince her heart that it was absolutely over. How could it be over when it had never even begun? "I'm not going to text him." she said, to herself.  Such stupid games. Such stupid, stupid games. She was ready for them to be over, once and for all.  It was her fault, she supposed, for accepting the bullshit for so long. What you allow is what will continue, right? Now, as Emeline looked out from her open books, whose words seemed to all be a blur at this point, she was almost mad at herself for clinging onto such silly thoughts of a future that had no backing...*

The beginning of another sad love story? Who knows. I was half in a writing mood. haha....  and now, I don't know. I was always more of a poetry writer than a story writer, but the above is a little something that has been asking to climb out of my head, so, there you have it. To be continued, I suppose.....

 <3 MzDiimples